Shero Ching Oligopeptide Jelly


Oligopeptide Jelly acts as a meal replacement and contains 206 calories per packet. Each packet contains enough protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals that your body requires to function.

We emphasise on introducing good bacteria that the body needs, creating a healthy and strong intestinal flora. Your food will break down faster, allowing the intestinal health to accelerate digestion, which subsequently helps to promote good bowel movements to form a lean body.

  • Rose flavoured jelly drink
  • Fat burning
  • Boost immunity
  • Liver detoxification
  • Improve overall skin condition
  • Lower blood pressure, protecting cardiovascular system

    Recommended Usage: Have your breakfast and lunch as usual, replace your dinner with our oligopeptide jelly alongside with 300ml of warm water.

    Each box contains 7 packets

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