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Naked Blend Matcha Milk Tea

Naked Blend Matcha Milk Tea

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Matcha lovers rejoice! This gifting season, Naked Blend collaborates with home-grown clean beauty brand Handmade Heroes, to bring you our special mini gift set.

This matcha gift set consists of:
- 3 sachets of Naked Blend Uji Matcha milk tea
- 1 tub of Handmade Heroes’ best selling luscious lip scrub in matcha latte flavour

Both products are 🌱 vegan-friendly, 100% naturally derived and cruelty-free.

Supercharge your day with Naked Blend plant-based matcha low-calorie milk tea. Farmed from an organic pesticide-free garden in Kyoto, these Uji matcha leaves are sweet and vegetal but balanced by a bit of bitterness and that hit of umami.

Matcha pumps you up without the jitters, and at the same time keeps you calm and focused - because it contains both caffeine and L-Theanine.

Perfect as your morning perk-me-up or pre-workout drink, this is the super-drink to take on the day. As if that wasn’t enough, matcha has fat-burning, metabolism-boosting antioxidants called ECGC. Jam-packed with plant-based goodness, matcha milk tea is your weight-management and anti-ageing hero.

Already a Naked Blend milk tea lover? We have this limited edition Ujin matcha milk tea in classic Naked Blend box size. 15 sachets in a box, you'll be sure to have your matcha milk tea craving satisfied!

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